What I like about camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

This is my first blog post ever! My family trail name is FireMan (explained later and by this photo).

Here are some of the things I like most about camping in Rocky Mountain National Park with my family.
  • The mornings in the park were nice and cool and the coffee was warm
  • We could see Long's Peak from our campsite
  • There were no bugs!
  • I got to light the fires, which is where I got my name FireMan
  • It never really got hot, the temperature was awesome
  • The hiking was a ton of fun
  • The nights were extremely peaceful because there were no bugs chirping, like the crickets back home
  • I got to help cook breakfast (see picture below)

We did two hikes on our campout. I enjoyed the hike up to Dream Lake. It was really steep, but we got to play in the snow. My hands froze digging in the snow. After a while, they started burning.

I really liked the hike up to cub lake. It was a 5 mile roundtrip. The views at cub lake were great. We could see water, trees, mountains and a ton of animals. We got to play on the rocks and had a snack by the lake.

I would love to go back to RMNP, possibly for a backpacking trip.


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