Giving Fly Fishing a whirl

I have recently decided to try Fly Fishing. Back in January, I had the opportunity to try it out while on a trip to Vancouver, BC. With the help of a good friend and our fishing guide, I learned some of the finer points of roll casting and the overhand cast. No pun intended, well ok, maybe it is, but I got hooked. I don't anticipate that I'll become an avid fly fisherman or heading out at every chance to the Lower Mountain Fork in McCurtain County Oklahoma, but I do plan on trying to catch dinner occasionally while camping and backpacking. I also don't foresee myself changing my name to FlyMan, either.

About two months ago, I purchased my first fly rod for my birthday gift. I picked up a 4-piece, 4 weight, 8'6" Wright&McGill rod off I have paired it with an Orvis Battenkill reel. I'm planning on breaking it in on our family trip this summer to Colorado and Wyoming. I hear there are a few fish in Wyoming near Yellowstone, so wish me luck.

I'll let you know how it goes, but I'm looking forward to giving Fly Fishing a whirl.

Here's a short video of the Bull Trout I caught while in Vancouver. This was caught using a spincast reel, but I did get some lessons with the fly rod.

Here's a picture of the spot where we hiked in to go fishing at about 7am. There was about 3 feet of snow on the ground and it was snowing the whole time.


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