Review of the Vasque Blur shoes

I was the third person in the household to get a pair of Vasque shoes. My son and daughter are both sporting the Vasque Breeze light hikers. I already had a pair of light hikers and was looking for a good trail runner that could also be used on day hikes and some overnights where I didn't need waterproof boots or additional ankle support. I picked up a pair of Vasque Blur on and was immediately impressed with the comfort, stability and weight (or lack thereof as they weigh only 12.6 ounces).

I would not consider myself any sort of endurance runner by any stretch of the imagination, but do enjoy a good 3-4 mile trail run every once in a while. There are some great trails by my house and I try to find solid trail running paths whenever I travel. These are great for taking with me when I travel because I can hike or trail run in them and they fit nicely in my carry on, unlike my light hikers which are a bit more clunky.

The shoes breathe really well, keeping my feet from getting too hot while on the trail in the Texas heat. The breath-ability has also helped me when I've had to ford streams and rivers by draining well and allowing my feet to dry quickly.

I get good traction on all different types of terrain including mud, sandstone, granite and grass. I've had shoes before that felt like they were going to come out from under me if the rock was slick at all, but not with these.

I feel these shoes are great for the person looking for value and getting multiple uses out of their gear. In addition to trail running, I've worn these on a 21-mile, 3-day backpacking trip in the Inyo National Forest in California and multiple day hikes in Arkansas, Colorado and California.

Me kicking it with my family in the Inyo with my family making dinner wearing my Vasque Blur's

Finally, I can't say enough about Vasque's customer support. About a year after I purchased the shoes, the inner part of the heel began to bunch up causing blisters. I contacted Vasque and was immediately shipped a new pair as a replacement. I apparently got a defective pair, but Vasque took care of me. I've had the replacement pair for over 2 years now and have had no issues whatsoever.

I wrote an article a while back about buying good gear, and will always recommend companies that stand behind their products. Vasque is one of those companies.


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