Having a picnic under the Grand Teton

Yesterday, we got to have lunch in the shadow of the Grand Teton.  For wilderness experience, I haven't found too much that can compare to the Tetons backcountry.  Because of all the snow that Grand Teton National Park has received this winter, most of the backcountry trails are closed and quite a bit of the front-country trails as well.  With the whole family, getting too far into the Tetons backcountry is difficult.  So, we took a 3.6 mile loop hike to Taggart Lake.  This was a spectacular hike that should be on anyone's to-do list when going to the Tetons.  It can also be included in a trek to Bradley Lake, but due to the snow, we had to just limit our trip to Taggart Lake.  Here's some shots of the family at our lunch spot.  I wish I had brought my fly rod, although I didn't see too many fish in the water.


  1. Sounds like a great trip so far! How far north are you going? Did you get my response on Pagosa? Hope all goes well.


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