Family Summer Trip Day 1 - Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is one of my favorite cities and would place this in my top 5 places to live. Every time I come here, the weather is gorgeous and there's a ton to do outdoors. On this trip, though, we unfortunately were just passing through, but made enough time to explore one of the best urban parks in the country, Garden of the Gods.

If you've been here, you know how special this place is, if not, you've gotta go sometime. On this day, unfortunately, we were there on a weekend and the park was extremely busy. Even with the crowds, though, there's plenty of places to go and see and get away from the people. There are miles of hiking trails and lots of interesting rock formations to see.

My family really enjoys the main entrance near Balanced Rock.  They love to climb around all over the big sandstone slabs and act like they are pushing over the rock that somehow is balancing on about 16 square feet of surface area.  We also got to watch several groups climbing some of the large fins (see the top picture above to see what the fins are) of sandstone and we all contemplated what were the best routes up the rock.

If you are ever in the Colorado Springs area, definitely stop in and spend a couple of hours at least, if not a whole day, in the Garden of the Gods.  There's no entry fee and there is plenty to do and lots to explore.  Be sure and stop by the trading post / visitor center and look around at some of the interesting items they have for sale and maybe have some lunch.


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