Family Summer Trip Day 2 - Boulder

Ok, Boulder, I think is tops on my list of places to live.  The weather is great, the scenery is out of this world and the town is really nice.  Again, on this trip, Boulder is just a stop along our way to Rocky Mountain National Park, so we didn't stay long.  We stayed at my favorite hotel in Boulder, the Millennium Harvest House Hotel.  It's not a 5-star hotel or brand new with the finest amenities, but it's really close to downtown and sits right on Boulder Creek across the creek from the University of Colorado.  I stay there a lot when I am working in Boulder and it's really nice any time of the year to walk down the paved path along Boulder Creek to downtown Boulder for dinner.  We did just that.

Here are a few shots of our walk along the creek.  We ate at the Walnut Brewery.  If you're in Boulder and looking for good food and a beer, I highly recommend it.

I have plans on being back in Boulder around the end of July.  I'd like to get out and see the famed Flatirons.  If anyone has a good hiking recommendation, please post it.


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