Wool socks - they're not just for Winter anymore

Living in Texas my whole life, I don't believe I ever owned a single pair of wool socks. Over the past 10 years, as I've spent more time in the outdoors, especially in the colder climes and I've grown an affinity towards wearing wool socks. Now, it's pretty much all I wear, year round.

If you have been reluctant to or have not thought to try them, I would recommend getting a pair or two. I have found they aren't hot, dry, scratchy or any of the other things I thought they would be prior to wearing them. They are great year round for a few reasons.
  • Moisture wicking and water resistant- this is good when it's warm and your feet are really hot and sweaty. This will keep your feet drier and prevent blisters. Plus, even when it's cooler outside and you have to make a river crossing, your socks are going to dry out as you walk (assuming your shoes are breathable and your not walking in puddles)
  • Breathable - this will help you regulate your temperature and also keep you from getting jungle foot.
  • Odor resistant - this will make your tent mates happy at the end of the day, and even around the house, you don't have to stink up the rest of the laundry or wash a special load just for your smelly socks.
  • Durability - this will help you protect your investment. I will go through about two or three pair of cotton socks in the time it takes to wear out my wool socks.
  • Softness - the new wools on the market today are as soft if not softer than the cotton socks you'll find. This will also cut down on the blisters and hot spots.
My recommendation for wool socks are the REI Merino Wool Low Light Hiker Socks.

The price is right and I can wear them every day as they look great with my Vasque Blur trail runners.


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